Mastering is the essential final polish your project needs.

Contrary to popular belief, mastering may be the hardest part of the music production process to get right. Letting an inexperienced engineer (or worse, a bot) master your project can ruin even the best mixes.

Mastering an album or EP is critical for ensuring your project is up to professional standards. A real mastering engineer will tastefully apply compression, EQ, and imaging to make sure your songs sound like a cohesive unit together. They can remove unwanted noises with sophisticted restoration software. They know the exact technicalities required to make sure your project competes with other songs on Spotify and radio. They can also make sure the spacing and order of the songs flow naturally. Finally, a mastering engineer can create DDP files for disc manufacturing plants, which someone with a standard DAW cannot do.

River Rock Records is proud to offer in-house mastering.

If you have a mix that you're not quite happy with, a good master may be all you need. Get in touch today to see if mastering is right for your project.

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