Why Choose Us

Come to River Rock Records if you want:

  • A studio that lives and breathes acoustic music.
  • A studio that can make your recording radio-, Spotify-, and CD-ready.
  • A studio that knows how to capture an authentic performance.
  • To record in an inspiring environment surrounded by nature.
  • To record on a beautiful seven-foot grand piano with the highest-quality mics.
  • The expertise of a top-notch studio but prefer somewhere less intimidating.
  • To work with someone who is both an engineer and professional musician themselves.
  • To work with someone who reads sheet music, Nashville numbers, and jazz charts.
  • To work with someone who can make arrangements for real strings, horns, or orchestra.
  • To work with someone who trained in the renowned studios of Nashville.
  • To support a woman-led studio. (<5% of audio engineers are women.)

Ready to Take Your Music to the Next Level?