River Rock Records is a one-stop shop for all your recording-related needs from recording to mixing to mastering and more. 


As both a trained engineer and composer, I am also able to offer an even wider array of specialty services. Click on each one to learn more.

Arrangements for Live Musicians

Interested in having a live string quartet play on your album? Or perhaps a horn or woodwind section? Or maybe you'd like a choir. If you know you want additional instruments (or voices) on your song but don't know how to write out your ideas, I can turn them into reality.

With a background in classical music, jazz, and Nashville numbers, I can write out sheet music, lead sheets, or chord charts to give to live players to play on your project.

Contact for pricing.

Consulting & Lessons

I offer lessons and consulting services related to recording, mixing, and music production. If you've ever wanted to learn how to improve your home recordings or mixing skills, get in touch today. I also take composition and piano students.

60-minute lesson: $70

45-minute lesson: $55

30-minute lesson: $40


My specialty is making difficult edits that are inaudible. If an edit is possible, I will do it so you'll never know. Common editing applications in music are stitching together different takes for different sections of a song, reducing loud consonants, removing or reducing breaths, and removing string squeeks.

$60 per hour of labor ($45 minimum)

Location Recording

Do have a live performance and want a high-quality audio recording of it? Want to make a recording in a particular location? I am able to bring top-notch equipment to you to make it happen.

3-hour event or time slot (up to 20 miles): $400

Mixing not included. Additional recording hours or miles will require an additional fee.

MIDI Programming

Sample/MIDI instruments tend to lack the life and realism of a live performance. Using stock sample instruments without expert programming will make your production sound amateur and flat. But I am able to elevate your song by replacing your sounds with high-quality sample instruments. I know the industry secrets used by top producers to make your samples come to life.

$60 per hour of labor ($45 minimum)

Piano Recording

River Rock Records is the only studio in Central Virginia with the industry-standard 7 ½-foot Yamaha C7 Grand Piano. Heard on thousands of hit records and admired for its crisp sound and impressive low end, the C7 is a modern studio classic. It is equally suited to classical and popular music. And with top-of-the-line microphones to capture our C7's rich sound, you are sure to get a piano recording that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

$75 per hour of recording

Restoration & Noise Removal

If you have a noisy or damaged recording that you're not sure can be salvaged, don't worry––River Rock Records has industry-standard audio repair tools that can remove hiss, cracks and pops, footsteps, coughs, mouth clicks, and more. Restoration is helpful for poorly done home recordings, live recordings with audience noise, and historical recordings with tape hiss or record scratches.

$60 per hour of labor ($30 minimum)

Transcriptions (Take-Downs)

If you have a song but don't know how to write it down, I can make a publisher-quality music score, lead sheet, chord chart, or Nashville number chart. This is a great idea if you want to play your song with other musicians or sell it for other people to learn.

Contact for pricing.

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