When it comes to making an album, recording is just the beginning.

A high-quality mix is essential. The mix can make or break your recording.

As a composer and artist myself, I understand how important it is for your recordings to reflect who you are, so I strive to make sure every client is 100% happy with every mix. 

Check out some mixing FAQ's below.

What is mixing?

Mixing involves balancing levels between tracks, EQ to enhance or reduce certain frequency bands, compression to smooth out overly dynamic tracks, placing each instrument or mic into its own place within a stereo field, and more. In short, mixing is taking a raw recording and doing whatever is required to make it sound its best.

Mixing is both creative and technical. It requires decisions on which instruments to bring out in which parts of a song and what techniques to employ to shape the overall feel of the song. Even with exceptional artists in the most high-end studios in the world, mixing is almost universally required to make a track sound professional.

Why pay for professional mixing?

What you get when you hire a professional like me isn’t just the service of mixing and mastering—it’s the years of experience and training and an experienced set of ears.

Trained engineers are experts in the standards required for professional releases. We know what will and won’t compete with other songs on playlists and radio. It’s impossible to obtain all of that knowledge just by teaching yourself how to use a DAW, as many hobbyists have.

Moreover, our years and years of work have given us refined ears that hear details beyond what musicians may hear: an errant breath in a single vocal harmony track, a guitar string off by a quarter tone, electrical hum, subtle distortion, clicks and pops buried in the mix, and more. If your mixer doesn't have the ears to hear these common errors, then they can't fix them.

The average listener may not be able to isolate certain noises a professional can hear, but when left in the mix, they will perceive the mix to be of a lower quality. Your music deserves to be mixed by a trained engineer who can polish your recording to be the best it can be.

I have ideas about what I want in the mix. Will you take them into account?

Absolutely! I believe that mixing is a collaborative process between the artist and the engineer. My job is to figure out how to apply your ideas in the best way for the song and your goals. Sometimes I will suggest alternatives or explain why something you're asking for may cause technical problems. But at the end of the day, it's your song, and you are in control of the process. 

What should I expect when hiring you to mix my song?

Great question. Click here to read more about my mixing process and policies for clients.

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